Friday, 24 February 2017

One layer card

After the dreadful weather we had yesterday it's so nice to get some wonderful sunshine. Made this one layer card for a friends birthday. It's so hard to keep cards under 20g for postage. 
Made a circle stencil by die cutting a circle and then used distress inks and a flat soft brush to apply the ink to the circle. I wanted a bit of texture  which I got from the brush. Then stamped the various images and sentiment onto the card front. The stamps were free with a magazine. 

This is my baby in the garden a few minutes ago. Since her attack by that bad cat, she only goes out when one of us is with her. She is sitting on her dried cat mint plant which is showing signs of life. 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Gorgeous card Anesha, the sentiment looks very like Visible Image font.

    Lovely photo of Skipper, please she is doing OK.

    B x

  2. Gorgeous card, great idea to create texture with the brush on the ink. The yellow pops against the white and black. Oh dear Skipper was attacked by the bad cat? I missed that. I hope she wasn't hurt and yes safer if she only goes out with you. Archie is doing well today and he sends purrrrrs to you both :) xx

  3. Olá Skipper, é bom vê-la aproveitando o jardim e o sol.
    O cartão ficou bonito.
    Cafunés para você Skipper!

  4. Your card is so nice. I love those botanical stamps. Beautiful job.

  5. skipper....wavez two ewe gorgeouz....N joy yur SUNshine...hope full lee
    yur mint plant comez back soooper quik N soooper big thiz yeer ☺☺☺ N joy
    yur fry day N heerz two an european perch kinda week oh end ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  6. Beautiful card,Anesha.Great design.


  7. Oh that's so beautiful wonderful card love cheryl xxx

  8. That's a beautiful card with a great sentiment!

    Lovely to see you, Skipper. Looks like you are enjoying sunshine! Stay safe, sweetie!


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